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Mathematics consists of 5 lessons of 50 minutes per week for students across all year groups. The objectives for all are organised into the following strands:

  1. Number
  2. Algebra
  3. Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  4. Geometry and measures
  5. Probability Mathematical
  6. Statistics


Key Stage 3

In years 7, 8 and 9 students follow the Mathematics Mastery which is designed to help students to truly master mathematics, so they can apply their skills in unfamiliar situations whenever needed and is shaped by four underlying principles:

  • One curriculum for all
  • Deep understanding
  • Number sense underpinning all
  • Problem solving central

The 5 year curriculum plan reflectshigh expectations for every child. The belief is that every student is entitled to master the key mathematical content for their age, by receiving the support and challenge they specifically need. There is also a real importance of deep understanding so the curriculum map is sequenced with fewer topics each term, putting depth before breadth. Concepts are sequenced so that methods that have previously been learnt can be connected to new learning, supporting students in understanding the coherent and connected nature of the subject, and ensuring they consolidate learning by continually using and applying it in a variety of contexts.


Key Stage 4

Exam board: Edexcel

Qualification: Edexcel GCSE (9–1) in Mathematics


The qualification consists of three equally-weighted written examination papers at either the foundation tier (where grades 1 – 5 are available) or higher tier (where grades 4 – 9 are available).Paper 1 is a non-calculator assessment and a calculator is allowed for Paper 2 and Paper 3. Each paper is 1 hour and 30 minutes long and has 80 marks.

Note - There is NO coursework.




Key Stage 5

Exam board: Edexcel


AS / A2 Mathematics

This course is modular, consisting of two AS units in Pure mathematics, C1 and C2, together with one Applied unit, S1 (Statistics). The course is covered in one academic year with exams available in June. Students intending to study Physics Post-16 will find AS level Mathematics particularly useful, as will those interested in studying other sciences at university.

To complete the A2 course students take three more units, two in Pure mathematics, C3 and C4 and another Applied unit, M1 (Mechanics).

Note - Mathematics at Post-16 level is best suited to students who have gained a grade B at GCSE Higher Tier.


AS/A2 Further Mathematics

This course is modular, consisting of one AS unit in Further Pure Maths, FP1, together with two Applied units, D1 (Decision) and S2 (Statistics 2). The course is covered in one academic year with exams available in June. To complete the A2 course students take three more units, one further maths module, Further Pure 2 (FP 2), and two other Applied units, M2 (Mechanics) and M3 (Mechanics) or D2 (decision).


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