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Citizenship is delivered through Integrated Humanities in Years 7 and 8 alongside the PSHE programme and other subjects. In addition to this we have a comprehensive School Council and Parliament. This ensures that students learn through different subject areas, each making their unique contribution to each pupil’s development as an active and aware citizen. This taught programme, along with school events, ensures that every student graduates from Weavers with a solid understanding of their role within the local, national and global community. 


Key Stage 5


Citizenship Studies

Students follow the AQA syllabus for Citizenship Studies at A level. At AS Level students will address the relationship between the individual, the law and the state. They will also explore the nature of identities. Part of this involves students taking part in a Citizenship activity and completing an Active Citizenship Profile. Students will have opportunities to engage with topical citizenship issues and contribute to debate. This will enable them to develop their understanding of society and how communities change over time and to develop enquiry and critical thinking skills to distinguish facts, opinions and bias, allowing them build arguments and make informed judgements.  A2 Citizenship Studies builds on the skills developed at AS level and covers the justice system, representative democracy, the role of parliament and global citizenship issues.



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