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21 July 2014 In School News

The week of May half term, (26th - 30th May) a group of 22 enthusiastic year 7 and 8 students started a great adventure to a small village in Spain called Carboneras de Guadazaon in Cuenca. We spent a fantastic week with another group of Spanish students. Both groups of students had to share rooms, activities throughout the week. Both groups seemed quite apprehensive about the idea but soon blended together to share good times, jokes and games.

We did a range of exciting activities that week, such as visiting Madrid, the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, learning about the history of Madrid, visiting the world heritage site of Cuenca, taking part in fun activities in and out doors. Our students made us really proud because of their willingness to try new things and  share adventures with the Spanish students.

The students came back after trying all sorts of traditional Spanish food and having made lots of Spanish friends to keep in contact for years. It was fantastic to see the students trying their hardest to communicate in Spanish, their language skills improved considerably during that week.


I think the trip was very exciting. There was a lot of traveling, despite this I learnt a lot form the journey. I liked the day where we stayed at the school and learnt about where everybody came from. I especially enjoyed the ‘ Geocaching’ activity. (Ben Moss)



16 July 2014 In School News

On Monday 6th July, students in 8JS welcomed 2 visitors from Animals in Need, a local Animal rescue charity they have been supporting as part of the school’s Giving Nation challenge. Amanda and Aimee from Animals in Need talked about the work they do at their centre in Wellingborough and showed the students some of the animals they have rescued, including a tortoise, baby hedgehogs and a 15 week old puppy. The students explained what activities they had organised in school to support Animals in Need and presented Amanda and Aimee with a cheque for £50 and a box of animal food they had collected. 


03 April 2014 In School News

Young entrepreneurs show their community spirit in day of service, please find below the press release.


03 April 2014 In School News

On Friday 28 March, a group of 32 Year 9, 10 and 11 students left school bright and early for a day trip to France. They spent the day doing a range of activities including a visit to a French market in the sunny seaside town of Wiméreux, followed by a visit to a French bakery where a master Boulanger explained how French bread and croissants are made before the students had a go at making bread and croissants themselves. The day ended with a pancake making demonstration and tasting which was very popular with everyone.

It was a wonderful day and the students are all keen to go back to France next year.


02 April 2014 In School News

Outstanding Attendance

I am very happy to report that the whole school attendance figure is 95.6% - which is great news.  This is well above the national figure and the highest in the CET Academy group.  Attendance reflects well on how students feel about their education at Weavers Academy and means that students are missing less learning.

All students who have 100% attendance for the previous 6 weeks are entered into the rewards prize draw for their year group in special assemblies at the beginning of each half term.  The prizes are currently iPad Minis or £50 store vouchers.

The draw is re-set each half-term so everyone has a chance to win.  So make sure you attend every day.

New Badges

Students are starting to wear the new Academy badges on their blazers.  There are 9 new curriculum badges for students to earn through hard work and progress: English (yellow), Maths (dark blue), Science (light blue), Humanities (red), Languages (light green), PE (black), IT (dark green), Literacy (dark yellow) and Creative Arts (pink).  There are also service badges for school senate, parliament and teams.  There will also be a new one to replace the previous ‘gold’ head teacher’s badge.  The Principals Award, this will be for the outstanding accomplishments of students and staff. 

The badges are a visual recognition of student success but will also allow students some privileges and rewards, for example the curriculum badges awarded to Year 11 for GCSE grade C and above can be traded in at £2.50 per badge off the price of a Prom ticket.

We are hoping to see lots of students wearing these badges soon.


27 March 2014 In School News

Are you looking for experience of working with children? Would you like to help children and young people to access information and resources to help them with their studies? Wellingborough Library is looking for volunteers to run study and homework support sessions for secondary school children. Homework Club Plusconsists of a 2-hour drop-in session, run by a volunteer Homework Club Plus Leader and with the assistance of a volunteer Homework Club Plus Helper (aged 14-17). If you think you can spare a couple of hours per week or per month to help young people with Maths, English and homework support please contact Adele Finch on 07739505374 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

27 March 2014 In School News

Marley the drugs dog visited Weavers Academy today. Students and staff gave Marley, his handler Michelle and local police a warm and friendly welcome.  The Police and Canine services (ICTS UK Ltd) are visiting all the Wellingborough schools to educate students about the dangers of drugs.

The Police approached the Wellingborough schools regarding this initiative in their efforts to combat drugs in the community, and also to educate the students. The schools are not specifically worried about a major drugs problem, but we would be foolish to ignore it.

The team visited lessons around the school and communal areas at break time. Whilst it did cause some disruption to classes – Marley’s classroom visits only lasted a few minutes.  The Police were amazed at how well behaved the students were and how they carried on working whilst Marley bounded around the classroom.


Marley is a passive drugs dog which means he is on a leash as he sniffs around. He would stop and stand still if he came across any drugs. Marley did not find any drugs or any smell of drugs.


In the Sixth Form area students were shown how Marley finds suspicious articles. An empty container which had held amphetamines 3 months previously was deliberately hidden in the Sixth Form common room. Marley searched the room and found the container under a sofa cushion – he signalled by standing motionless.  His reward was a tennis ball!


Everyone at Weavers Academy would like to thank Canine services and the Police for their work today.  I would like to take the opportunity to say how proud I was of all our students, the visitors were full of praise of them and their school.


Kind regards 

Richard Boddy

Vice Principal



25 March 2014 In School News

The four secondary academies in Wellingborough are embarking on a new initiative aimed at combatting the menace of illegal drugs in society.  A trained sniffer dog will be visiting all four schools this week. It will be visiting Weavers on Thursday 27th March 0830-1130.

as a means of conveying a simple message to students:  have nothing to do with drugs, and certainly do not bring them to school.

Parents and students have been informed of the forthcoming visit, through a letter signed by all four Headteachers, but also advised that further, unannounced visits will be taking place in the future.  The letter states, “We hope that the searches will prove negative, and we hope that the exercise will reinforce our strong anti-drugs attitude.”

A specially trained dog, known as a “passive drugs dog”, will be used for the exercise.  Closely supervised by his handler, he will present no danger to the students.

A local police representative congratulated the academies for their part in the initiative.  “Schools have an important part to play in the elimination of drugs from our community, through education and also through the ‘zero tolerance’ approach they are demonstrating through taking part in this exercise.”


21 March 2014 In Sports News

The girls football team participated in their first Futsal competition in the Winter School Games and finished second, winning the silver medal. There were many outstanding performances but Georgia Collins topped them all with her 4 goals in the final game. The girls met the England Women's Football star Kelly Smith, and she was very impressed with the skill level of Weavers Futsal players.


The sixth form Young Ambassadors led the Dodgeball competition at the Winter School Games where thousands of pupils from all over the district participated in many different sports in the 3 day event.


The Young Ambassadors receive many compliments from the participating schools for their confident, fair leadership skills. They were also praised for their Dodgeball knowledge by the international Dodgeball player at the games.


Kelly smith (the best female footballer in England) was the guest of honour at the event. All pupils were fortunate to meet her and ask some fantastic questions (Charlotte Besedeke). Look out for the ET this Thursday for more pictures.


03 February 2014 In School News

Read for My School runs in 2014 from 27 January to 28 March. It is a print and digital reading initiative that enables all schools in England with access to the internet to enter into a competition that promotes reading for pleasure and rewards schools and individuals with the opportunity to win prizes - simply by reading and competing online.

Click here to log in, the school reading group code is 688243

This is an exciting competition for years 7 and 8 across the country to engage with reading and to share our views of stories. How to log on:

From the home page / login screen, click sign up as a pupil, beneath the login fields.
Complete the short pupil account form, inserting the Reading Group code: 688243. Then click
Create Account. After reading the welcome message, click Get Started and you will be taken to the specific pupil’s home page.

Enjoy your reading experience. Here is what you can enjoy…

READ: 100+ books on the online library

WRITE: a writing competition that helps support schools in Tanzania

SHARE: regular poll questions to help us influence the national debate about children and reading
AWARDS: Regional and national awards for the pupils who participate the most

PRIZES: 100,000 books to be won

For more information please see Mrs Satyanadhan, Assistant Principal and Director of English.

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