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09 October 2013 In School News

On 26 September Michael Gove wrote to the Creative Education Academies Trust to congratulate us on the excellent results that CEAT’s academies achieved in 2013.

04 October 2013 In School News

The diversity of languages spoken around the world was celebrated at Weavers Academy on Thursday 26 September. Students were given the challenge of learning how to say ‘Hello’ in as many different languages as they could and could be heard greeting staff and each other in and out of lessons saying ‘bonjour’, ‘Cześć’, ‘Guten Tag’,’Hola’, and many more. In the canteen at lunchtime, students enjoyed a European themed menu and Year 7 and 8 students completed activities in their language lessons aimed at increasing their awareness of different languages. 

18 September 2013 In School News

Weavers Academy has been selected to be part of the exciting 'Patron of Reading' scheme. This scheme was set up with award winning, well-known publishers and authors who'd like to improve reading in schools. Reading is an essential skill and one that allows the development of core literacy as well as enabling students to imagine and create. Weavers academy is passionate about the importance of reading and developing independent readers throughout the academy.


A Patron of Reading is a school's special, designated children's author with whom the school forms a personal attachment. The author might be a writer of fiction, a writer of non-fiction, a poet, a storyteller or an illustrator. They will work with the school to raise the profile of reading for pleasure with pupils, parents and staff.


Our patron is John Townsend. He is Reading Champion’ awarded by the National Literacy Trust.  John Townsend will be in school in October working with our students and will also run workshops throughout the year.


Here is a link to his website for you to investigate his books. http://www.johntownsend.co.uk/news.php


11 September 2013 In School News

Team FullStop. won the County Schools Challenge competition 2013 with the campaign 'Accept me for who I am'. This campaign was led by the Sophie Lancaster foundation which was created by Sophie's mum (the lady in the picture) after Sophie was beaten to death a few years ago because of the way she looked. This is what they have to say:

We are team “Full Stop.”, we are a campaign group- named ‘Accept Me For Who I Am’- driven to reduce hate crime, we know there hasn’t been a full stop to hate crime so far so we want to be the ones to put it there. We feel hate crime is not taken seriously enough and it needs to be ended. We are very passionate about this subject as we have all experienced the hardships of bullying, in some form


Our idea is ab “anti-hate crime week”- from Monday to Friday- for schools which will involve completing one learning objective from our booklets each morning. We have designed the content of these booklets ourselves, it teaches the children about hate crime and bullying and who they could go to if they are experiencing either. Also, on the back page we have a blank rectangle- that’s for the children to put a sticker in once they have completed the week.


Team FullStop.

Neve Rawlings, Hannah Brown, Grace Archer, Callum Slack, Hannah Gree

02 September 2013 In School News

Over the summer holiday we upgraded our main IT Suite, S21, with 61 brand new computers to help improve our IT lessons.

28 February 2013 In School News


Weavers students had the opportunity to experience the cutting edge of technology by taking place in a Live Maths Webinar.

During the event in the Excellence Centre, transmitted live from London, the students benefitted from an intensive, high level, interactive revision session ready for their GCSE maths exams.  They were then given their own bespoke revision guides to take home.

The students joined more than 500 others throughout the country taking part in the Webinar.

18 December 2012 In School News

Students and Staff from Weavers School entered into the spirit of Christmas early this year by supporting Northampton Saints Player Soane Tonga’uiha’s Shoebox Appeal for Primary Schools in Tonga. A quote from his website www.tinytestimonial.com read ‘I am asking the Northampton community which has shown me such warmth, and support during my time at the Saints, to extend this to the children of my home village in Tonga’.

17 October 2012 In School News

Doing our bit for charity!  Can you help?

Weavers School is collecting items for a Shoe Box Appeal.  We are looking for items that will fit into a shoebox, for example – new toys, toiletries, books, stationery, sports equipment etc. (primary age)

We are supporting the Northampton Saints player Soane Tonga’uhia’s Testimonial Year; part of his charity fundraising is his Shoebox Appeal.  On a recent visit back to his home in Tonga, Soane was saddened by the state of the Primary School in his home village of Vaini, the children did not even have the basics to help them learn.  Following this he has appealed to the Northampton community to fill shoeboxes which will be sent to Primary Schools in Tonga.

If you would like to donate any of the items listed above please bring them into school and take them to the Student Office, it will be much appreciated.

More information can be found at www.tinytestimonial.com under Vaini Primary School.

03 October 2012 In School News


New for September 2012 is our elite Basketball Academy run in conjunction with Northampton Nets Basketball Team.  The Academy will allow our most talented basketball players from Wellingborough and East Northants to continue with their academic study, to A Level, whilst developing their basketball talent with over 10 hours of proposed coaching a week.

02 October 2012 In School News

Weavers Samba Band performs at The Castle for the ‘Later Life Matters’ Event’ on 26 September 2012.

The organisers had this to say about our students:

“We just wanted to write to thank all of the pupils who performed at the above event.

As an organisation we found them to be absolutely brilliant, so confident and smiling, a credit to Weavers School.  On looking at our evaluation forms from the public the comments on the performances have also been so positive.

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