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Natural colours (no bright dyes).  No shaved designs.

Long hair to be tied back in PE,  DT and science. Hair products should  be avoided due to safety issues around flames in science, DT etc.   Students will be given 24 hours to change inappropriately coloured hair.



School decides what subtle is and students will be asked to remove excess.


Two 5mm studs - one per ear.

No facial piercings, no hoops, no multiple studs, no tongue studs.



Clip-on for safety and uniformity.


White cotton.

Must have buttons to neckline. Must be tucked into trousers or skirt.


Dark grey with school stripe.



School blazer with badge.

To be worn at all times - teacher may give permission to take off, may be removed at break and lunchtime. Should be worn as students arrive and leave school.


Black - skirt to be knee length.

No leggings or jeggings. Not tight fitted.


Black or dark grey.

Including under trousers.


Black leather, smooth upper, rigid sole and heel.

Formal shoes, not  trainers, not pumps, not dancing shoes, not informal shoes. Black boots may be worn in inclement weather but must be under trousers or knee length with skirt.


Outdoor coat (to fit over the blazer).


No hoodies.

Not to be worn instead of blazer or under blazer. Hoodies are sweatshirt casual tops.


Large enough capacity to fit A4 books, pencil case and other equipment.

Large enough for A4 books, not a handbag. Ideally will offer sufficient support to carry exercise books.


Pencil case, pencil, pens, ruler, colour pencils, eraser, pair of compasses, calculator, school planner- provided.

Being prepared to learn starts with being correctly equipped.


School tops.Black shorts, black joggers, black sports socks.


Trainers (colour not an issue), football boots.

May be brought in a second bag if school bag not large enough.


Uniform should be ordered online by going to  www.pbparentsonline.co.uk/weavers, or the form below can be completed and returned to the address on the form.



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