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24 February 2016 In Sixth Form News

On Wednesday 3rd February we went to Leicester University for the Launch event of Realising Opportunities. When we arrived we were greeted by Andy the Admissions Tutor and the Ambassadors at University of Leicester who help run the programme. After the warm welcome we were introduced to the programme followed by an ice breaker activity called ‘Minglo’ in which we had to mingle with all the other students from different schools so that we all briefly got to know each other. Throughout the day we learnt more about the programme and about University of Leicester and all the other 14 universities (majority of them being part of the Rusell Group) that are part of the Realising Opportunities programme. The day was very helpful and has broadened our knowledge of the programme, as well as prepared us for future challenges in relation to applying for university. We were also given a campus tour and had the opportunity to discuss our future plans and set goals for ourselves on how to get there. In order to complete the Realising Opportunities Programme we have to do the Academic Assignment or the Extended Project Qualification, which Weavers Academy offer to us Sixth Form students to complete in Year 13. After a successful completion of the programme, some participating universities may be able to subsidise tuition fees, and any of the 15 universities that take part in the programme can lower your expected grades by 1 or 2, if you receive a conditional offer from them. Realising Opportunities provide you with an e-mentor which you communicate with online over the University of Leicester website. The e-mentors come as a huge advantage as you are able to message them whenever you like if you have any query’s requiring university or the programme itself, or even if you need any advice on how to manage school work or revision for exams or support with information on higher education studies.  The programme gives you access to the University of Leicester’s library and we can visit on campus as well as access  books and journals electronically. The programme also gives you an opportunity to attend a summer residential for 3 or 4 days, at any Realising Opportunities participating university programme. The next big event is the ‘National Conference’ which is going to be held at Sheffield university where we will be meeting our e-mentors for the first time in person.

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