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01 July 2015 In Sixth Form News

The CET Essay and Public Speaking Prize launch was held at Abbeyfield Academy last week. The event welcomed esteemed academics to deliver elements of the launch and two of our students who attended share their thoughts below:


“The Public Speaking prize was in the morning. We were given the task of presenting a three minute speech on a specific word. Some words were difficult to talk about for three minutes (words such as ‘hollow’ and ‘speed’) but once we started thinking outside of the box, our thoughts and ideas made it easier. Once we had finished, we heard last years’ winning speech, which inspired me to think about giving the Public Speaking prize a go. For the Essay Prize, we were split into four different groups by topic - English, Humanities, Material World and Maths/Science. Meeting Professor Jonathan Katz was a real pleasure as I enjoyed listening to his insight to English and his huge depth of knowledge; this was apparent throughout the event and a feature of all of the speakers involved.”  Aimee Hudson-Brown


“Before attending this event I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. However after attending, I feel the experience I gained through meeting peers of a similar age range and being addressed to by the likes of Hugh Aldersey-Williams has put me in a position to start this project positively. I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and take an interest in science. l found the topic highly engaging as it discussed morals surrounding science. I then moved to a discussion surrounding the material world, seeking to answer the question, ‘useful is always beautiful, beautiful is useful’, I am now very much looking forward to researching my chosen subject title and producing a successful piece of writing.” Vinay Hill


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