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Staff List - Teaching Staff

Creative Arts


  • Mrs D NoakesHead of Faculty: Creative Arts
  • Miss L BerryHead of Art
  • Mr M IvesHead of Music
  • Mrs L MarriottHead of Drama
  • Miss L PollockSecond In Charge of Art
  • Mr L KnowlesLead Teacher for Accelerated Learning / Teacher of Drama
  • Miss S RyleAssistant Principal: Accelerated Learning / Teacher of Food
  • Miss J DrakefordTeacher of Art & Photography




  • Mrs G WilderspinAssistant Principal: English
  • Mrs A StevensonSecond In Charge of English
  • Mrs N MeadQuality of Teaching and Standards in English KS3
  • Mrs S SatyanadhanAssistant Principal / Teacher of English
  • Mrs P TuckerAssistant Principal: PP & HAPS / Teacher of English
  • Miss K ElmesTeacher of English
  • Mr M Johnson-IslesTeacher of English
  • Miss A KensholeTeacher of English
  • Mrs M LipmanTeacher of English
  • Miss C SebastianTeacher of English
  • Mr I OgbenTeacher of English




  • Miss E McDermottHead of Faculty: Humanities
  • Mr E BunnHead of Geography
  • Miss A TaylorHead of History
  • Mr R BoddyVice Principal / Teacher of History
  • Mr D WorkerLiteracy In Learning: History
  • Mr M WallaceAssistant Principal / Teacher of Psychology
  • Mrs J WhitseyQuality of Teaching and Standards: Humanities
  • Mr S EmaryTeacher of Humanities / PE
  • Mr S AllcottRaising Standards Leader KS4 / Teacher of Geography
  • Mr Z SadiqTeacher of History
  • Mr J CooperTeacher of History




  • Miss S CoxTeacher of Languages
  • Miss C FernandezTeacher of Languages
  • Miss D McBrideTeacher of Languages
  • Mr M FrancisTeacher of Spanish




  • Miss S BirkbyAssistant Principal: Maths
  • Mr C MusavenganaQuality of Teaching and Standards: Maths
  • Mr V SamQuality of Teaching and Standards: Maths - Post 16
  • Miss C WoodwardQuality of Teaching and Standards: Maths - KS3
  • Mr C FordTeacher of Maths / Physics
  • Ms S OwenTeacher of Maths


Physical Education


  • Mr K DeeHead of Faculty: PE
  • Miss C SmithQuality of Teaching and Standards: PE
  • Mr R MawbyRaising Standards Leader: Operations / Teacher of PE
  • Mr M HigginsAssistant Principal: Achievement and Raising Standards / Teacher of PE
  • Mrs M Johnson-IslesRaising Standards Leader: Year 7 and 8 / Teacher of PE
  • Mr S EmaryTeacher of PE / Humanities
  • Mrs R BondTeacher of PE
  • Miss E KinghornTeacher of PE
  • Mr M BarringtonTeacher of PE / Science




  • Mrs E HuettAssistant Principal: Science
  • Mr B AdamsAssistant Principal: Sixth Form / Teacher of Science
  • Mrs K McRae-SmithQuality of Teaching and Standards in Science
  • Miss A FlinnTeacher of Science
  • Miss C WoodTeacher of Science
  • Mrs C HodgesTeacher of Science
  • Miss R WestTeacher of Science
  • Mr M BarringtonTeacher of PE / Science
  • Ms A BootheQuality of Teaching and Standards in Science
  • Ms N OrridgeTeacher of Science

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